Friday, 25 July 2008


first, i got soar throat,then a little cough n then followed by sneezing for almost non-stop (haha) n after that,here come the FEVER!!!waaaa...i cannot go la like many things to do..this not the rite time 4 u la fever to come visit me..i got 2 lab reports to submit tomolo n nex week n then got quiss n also test laa..adeh2..syuh2 for a while fever..haihsss...kinda feel better for a while after swallowed 2 panadols activefast after dinner..hmm,hope feeling more better tomorow..

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  1. alaa ciannye budak demam neh..tulaaa..sape soh makan durian manyak2..durian tu jahat...minom le air bebanyak yeh..kasi badan ko sejuk balik..get well soonn~oh btw farid kamil sgt encem dan tinggi..tlupe mister ef kejap..hahaha


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