Monday, 30 June 2008

~miserable??a little..=P~

oh no!!what i'm gonna do..i'm in a miserable mood..haiyoh2..right now i'm doing my mini project lab report..there's lots of thing that i forgot already what i've learn in the past..hukhuk..even how to derive for small signal gain also forgot..aiyoh,cemane neh??how to achieve my next target if i always fotgotting things i've learned..huu..

this sem is quite though..according to the course structure for nanotech student,we required to take 6 subjects and 18 credit hours for this semester::

1)BHM3086-Law For Engineers

**this class kinda interesting...blajar psl undang2 ler of kos..ade contract law,tort,cyber law n etc. lecturer pon bagos..membebel2 kat dpn pastu kasi kuar awal..suke aku..da la klas ari selasa sgt pack..warghh!!**

2)EEN3076-Power Electronics

**hoh,ini kelas agk killer neh..ntah ape jenis transistor sume aku kene blaja..kalu dlu BJT n MOSFET je,skrg da ade Thyristor plak..ape kejadahnye itu??pastu mcm2 lagi la ade..adeh..**


** klas major aku..sebbek ade kosong lagik,sempat juge register..kalu x tunggu sem 3 le bru dpt amek..though gak nih..mcm solid state tapi cam lagi detail je..Schrodinger eq. punye derivation panjang nak mampos..penat aku salin behelai2 kertas tapi satu harreemmm aku x pahemm!!da la semangat2 nak pegi 1st tutoria lec plak absent..isk2..macam2**

4)EOP3026-Optoelectronic devices

**ohoho..ini kelas combine wit optic punye budak..xde la aku sorg pempuan malay je kan..huhu..sadis btol..klas nih pon cm agak dilantik as leader of group esemen,hoho(ade sedikit kebangaan di situ)..=P..sape x dtg miting yg pasnih aku repot dlm minit mesorat..haha..kejam2**

5)EPT3016-Mini Project

**my mini projek tittle is Audio Mixer Design..antara sebab2 tajok ini dipilih adelah becos no programming!!!!really2 hate programming but still need to take advanced microprocessor in the end..cisss!! partner for this project adelah nad shah..hehe..kami 2 hati 2 jiwa yg harmoni sbb tu leh jadi partner lab..hoho**

6)ETM2046-Analog and Digital Communications

**hah..nih tataw le cmne nak tempuhi nih..this subject deal with Fourier series n Laplace transform..dr enjen math 1-4,antara benda yg aku nyampah adelah fourier2 nih..adoi..semoga saye lebih berusaha dengan lebih gigh juge rajen..huhuh**

patotnye ade amek co-curriculum=CCS1010-Spanish Language..da blaja da pon sket2 seperti:

  • clase de espanol

  • hola,buenos dias,buenas tardes,buenas noches

  • como esatas?,como esta usted?,como te sientes?

  • gracias

  • muchas gracias

  • disculpe

  • por favor

  • te quiero me amo <-**hoh,nih memang aku terer**

  • eres muy amable,etc...

namun terpakse drop sbb register ntuk nano-science tu..hukhuk..

yosh!!banyaknye mende nak kene pikir this semester..things got really though as times goes by.huu..i need to prepare myself for good better n best result during final..hohoh..(semangat benau)..nak ekjem nnti kempiter nih kene tawok buang kat mane2 sbb kalu x saye tidak dapat mengkonsentretkan diri saye terhadap stadi **semoge bersemangat hingga di akhir sem..**

~malam neh..hmm~

mlm mesti la tido..nak wat ape lagi..isk2..mlm nih ade final EURO..i'm not a 'kaki bole',so not the bery interested to watch the bole.hehe.mlm nih SPAIN vs GERMANY kn??my hubby favorite team is secare tidak kelangsungannye, saye pon menyokong SPAIN..haha..GO GO ESPANOL!! heh,semangat pule saye.

~dinner eh??~

hmm..mlm tade chipsmore n koko kerunch da..chipsmore da abeh dilantak petang tadi semase menonton scary muvi bodo tu..mlm nih punye mkn adelah bihon goreng pedas yg x pedas pon..acah cabai melaka je lebey,tapi sket pon aku x rase pedas..bihon goreng itu di beli kat sirah yg berharge RM3.00..bule la da lame x rase bihun goreng sirah..dulu salu juge..pegi sirah ngn diya..die beli ketiw goreng basah+telor mate ayam(kebau mane ade telor..haha)..bihon goreng da abes..ape lagi yg nak di buat ye..hmmm..yosh!!blom mandi lagi..adeh,malasnye mandi..ari sejuk gile nak mampos tapi nak kne mndi juge..okes la blogie,mau berambus ke toilet..lagi sejam due singgah balek kt blogie neh nak mencoret2 merapu meraban..hoho..daa~

Sunday, 29 June 2008


Yosh!!here i am again dunno what to do so i put my words on my lovey dovey is just like yesterday..sitting in front of my pc n diya at her own pc..only 2 of us..everything is just like yesterrrddaayyyy~(watching movies,donlod2,etc)~

for today's lunch?hmmm...again chipsmore n koko kerunch also have an addition which is maggi mini asam laksa..aiyoh..not very like that maggi..i leb vegetable flavor with pepper stolen from mekdi..hakhak..but never mind la,asam laksa pon asam laksa la..janji x kebulo..hb3 punye kedai x bkk.nak menapakk gi hb2 pule malas walopon ari mendung.namun kalu pegi hb2 pon bkn ade ape pon..kedai mkck kelate tutup..aiyoh..apsal skrg bnyk kdai nak tutup eh??dengar kate western n kedai air kt hb3 nih nak ditutup..huhu..da taleh da nak bekpes naget seblom pegi kelas o tapaw teh aes selepas balek kelas..hukhuk

anyway..da kenyang da pon..hohoh..makan smbil tgk bbllloooooo!!~


Yosh!!i have one more favorite cartoon from cartoon network.i have downloaded it from cybertrack and i found it was so hilarious n i love it!!

im so in love with cute n notty bloo

here are some of bloo family n friends..

Mac–A bright 8-year old boy who lives with his mother and older brother Terrence. Mac almost always seems to know what to do when there is a problem. Even though Mac created Bloo, they are near polar opposites. Mac is consistently shown to be kind and responsible, as opposed to Bloo's self-centered behavior. Mac also becomes extremely hyperactive if he gets a taste of sugar; once in this state he will become obsessed with sugar and will seek any other source.

Blooregard "Bloo" Q. Kazoo–Mac's imaginary best friend, Bloo resembles a simple, domed cylinder who Mac created when he was 3, which makes Bloo 5 years old. Bloo is self-centered, highly mischievous and is the exact opposite of Mac, which somewhat adheres to the theory that Bloo is basically Mac's id personality. Bloo likes to take advantage of the friends at Foster's and is constantly working on his scamming. However, he still has a good heart and sometimes apologises for his actions. He loves paddleballs, even though he can't make the ball hit the paddle. At first in the first few seasons, he wasn't as mischievous as he is in later seasons.

Francis "Frankie" Foster–Madame Foster's 22-year-old granddaughter. Her parents are never seen, only mentioned. Frankie is the housekeeper at Foster's and helps keep everything in order, and serves as sort of a "manager" for all the imaginary friends. In spite of Mr. Herriman's fussiness and fixation with rules and cleanliness (which causes her tremendous stress), she is usually very friendly and easy-going. And though she may seem somewhat like a surrogate mother to Mac, she is more accurately described as a "big sister" to the imaginary friends. Her birthdate is July 25, 1984.

Mr. Herriman–Mr. Herriman is a giant rabbit imagined by Madame Foster herself. He is often seen wearing a tuxedo coat and a stovepipe hat, as well as a monocle over his left eye (though it periodically changes eyes, depending on which way he faces). He is in charge of the house (the "President" of Foster's). Mr. Herriman is very strict about the house rules, and is often found punishing Bloo. It was revealed in one episode that the reason Mr. Herriman is so hard on Bloo is because he feel that, given that he is allowed to stay at Foster's even though he still has an owner, he has already broken one of the Main rules of the house.

Madame Foster–The founder of the Foster home, Madame Foster is elderly, but she has a lot of spunk and enjoys life to the fullest. Her imaginary friend is Mr. Herriman, who she imagined when she was a child and never gave up.

Wilt–Wilt is a tall, red imaginary friend with a stubby left arm and a crooked left eyestalk (which he describes as "wonky"). However, in "Good Wilt Hunting," it is discovered that he was not always this way -- he was injured in a fateful accident during a basketball game, leaving his arm crushed and injuring his eye. Wilt exhibits consummate good sportsmanship, which he applies to every part of life he can. He is extremely courteous to a fault (he's often willing to perform anything asked of him, even if he has to go entirely out of his way to do so), and apologizes (with "Sorry") almost constantly. He is cool and collected, but on rare occasions can be moody or short-tempered. His name is an homage to NBA star Wilt Chamberlain. Wilt was shown to be created by Jordan Michaels, a basketball star, a homage to Michael Jordan.

Eduardo–Eduardo is an imaginary protector friend who speaks with a Spanish accent. He has huge horns, purple hair, long fangs, pointed tail, skull buckle, grey pants and weighs more than 500 pounds. Despite his large size, overwhelming strength and menacing look, Eduardo is quite docile and compassionate, and is scared of almost everything, but can be ferocious if angry or anyone messes with his friends. Eduardo love potatoes. His creator, Nina Valerosa, is now a police officer.

Coco–Coco was discovered on a deserted island. She is a bird-airplane-palm tree friend who can only speak or write the word "coco" at various speeds and with different emphases, and can lay plastic eggs containing prizes. Mac, Bloo, Eduardo and Wilt can understand what she is saying, and often translate for her. She has the ability to swallow a vast number of things (ranging from gold bars and money to animals such as puppies) whole, then lay plastic eggs that can contain the items.

hehe...i really love cartoon..wish i could have bloo teddy because he is sooo cute!!~

~pagi yg indah~

Waa...skrg sude pukul 9.38 pg..langit sangat mendung cm nak ujan..sronoknyee!!sejuk je nanti..hehe..(i like).pagi nih punye aktibiti adelah makan chipsmore n koko kerunch smbul menuntun katun di tb3..malangnye ntb7 taleh bkk.smlm x dpt tgk shin chan n doremon..huwaa!!sedey2..hukhuk..

hmm..antara katun2 peberet pada pagi yg mendung serta indah ini adelah::

7 span fgu gjmi

hehe...walopon saye sude besar dan berumo 21 20 thn n almost 22 21 years old,tapi saye sgt suke katun..waaa~fgl.


i have a boipren that i really love sshhhooooo much2!! his name is mohd iqbal. skrg die xde kat cni sbb sedang bercuti di rumahnye..sepatotnye die suda balik cni namun akan tetapi malangnye UNITEN bukak lambat la,maknenye minggu depan la bru die balek..huhuh..sedeynye..lambat benau

die mahu pulang so maknanye i'm alone without him for one more week..huhu..really miss to do a lot of thing with him!!

**the most favorite picture of us**

~ex2-roooomies+ex roooomies+new roooooomies~

eh..lupe lak..sem nih da tuka rumet sebabnye aku register ostel lambat..maklum la,kene reject taleh dpt ostel..hukhuk..(padan muke ostel,tu la x nak bagi senior duk ostel lagi,kan da bnyk kosong..haha)..sepanjang 3 tahun berada di cyberjaya,aku da betuka 3 romet dikalangan teman2 baek..heheh..

nih romet2 aku mase 1st year=beta year..

**ap,anne n me**
sonok rumet ngn diorg..haha..pelbagai suka duka dikongsi bersama..chewahhh..haha

ini pule romet mase 2nd year=gamma yer..
**me,mili n doory**
haha..ini romet2 aku yg gile..sayang kat romet2 aku nih mwah2..bluekss..=P

heh..skarang sude 3rd year=delta year..
romet2 baru adelah..jeng jeng jeng..
**intan,diya n me**
haha..gmba intan sekerat je..hahaha..gmba aku n diya la romet2 baru aku..bes juge di bilik baru bersama2 rumet baru..hehe

~new blog~

yosh!!da wat blog baru!!haha..

uyg I'm not a 'blog maniac' type but just wanna fill my boring lame weekend..huhu..everybody are out to everywhere but i stuck in the middle of my room wit my romet diya..huhu..pity for us,but we will fulfill this weekend with facebook, downlond movies bnyk2 from cybertrack,eating n sleeping n maybe study for a little bit..haha..wish me luck ntuk bertahan di dalam blog ini selama-lamanya..haha
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