Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Nur Iman Humaira dah setahun!!

I called her "ushuk"...cos i love her baby smell..she still got her baby smell till now tapi masam peluh budak besaq tu dah ada la bila berpeluh tahap gaban..haha...

How time flies, she's one year old ++ already..ummi still can recall the feeling when you out from my womb! Now you are a big girl. Almost nak jadi kakchik tapi Allah knows still can be my "ushuk" for the next few years..heheh

19 july...happy one year old sayang!! Sorry no big celebration for you coz surely you won't remember your 1st birthday party *cheapskate & lazy ummi..haha* Tunggu kamu besar skit kita buat birthday partay kamu, ummi & abah sekali...hehehe..semoga menjadi anak yang solehah serta cemerlang dunia & akhirat..ummi love you!

                Kesayangan ummi!

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