Monday, 19 April 2010


just now, during 'lepak'ing bawah hb4 sambil tunggu blender baju kat dobi bawah neh hubby showed me something to read.i kind of wonder if that kind of story is true but in life, the unexpected and unpredictable things could always be happened.

im a bit 'terasa' since that situation is kind of the same like what had happened between us but it never gone too far like in the storyand i'm terrified!! i know its all my fault and my stupidity had made it more complicated. sometimes, i'm quite angry with me.why can't i be true to myself? he always right.Right about everything. I still had many to learn.

It just crossed my mind. Why women always not satisfied with what they have???always demanding for more.

Hope I could be the best for him because he is the best for me.

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