Saturday, 2 May 2009

~i hate programming~

currently im doing ecp(advanced microP) assignment which we need to design our assembly code for mastermind game as i had post before. the due date is on this Monday and we haven't got anything yet except the code for user input. *quite terer aa...haha*

i understand the program flow but i don't know how to manipulate the code to make it correct. demmitt~!! this is the reason  i start to hate programming again. aaaaaaaa...

back then i used to love assembly language and hate C but now i think i more like C than assembly. ah,what a low level language. no more people learning this language anymore la. we need to move up for high level la.haiyooo

i really serabot now but quite relief since my DIC just need to run pex and get the simulation result. oh god, please help me and give me strength to face all these crazy assignment.huuuu


p/s: sangat megik di sini kerna name saye xde dalam barring list untuk subjek digital intergrated circuit walopon attendance tutorial da merah.muahaha :)

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