Thursday, 20 November 2008

~my wednesday~

oke..this is just a short update for today before i go to sleep.nothing much to say because today is holiday for me.yayy!!no class..its kinda bored staying all day long in my room but fortunately dya want to post something so she invited me to join her and have lunch at terminal.yosh!!sedap2..muahaha

then,tonite i got my 1st yoga class for this sem.yayy again!!finally i got something to do.its been a while i didnt do any yoga practice.after doing all the pose i felt kinda refreshing but at the same time my body is 'sakit2 + sengal' everywhere.hahahhaha.'biase la da lame x eksesais'.cant wait for the next class.we will do shoulder stand.yeahhh!!! so sleepy now.tomorrow got diagnostic quiz.have not fully study.i just touch the 1st page of the notes only.muahaha.daa for now.wish me luck for tomorrow.hope that quiz can copy2.haha.daa~

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